Government of Trinidad and

Easter greetings from Senator the Honourable Jennifer Baptiste Primus, Minister of Labour and Small Enterprise Development

Port of Spain,  Trinidad and Tobago

Senator the Honourable Jennifer Baptiste Primus, Minister of Labour and Small Enterprise Development brings Easter greetings to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. 

My Fellow Citizens,

As Trinidad and Tobago join Christians all over the world in celebrating the meaning and significance of Easter, I take the opportunity to add my share of best wishes to my fellow citizens for a holy, peaceful and spirit filled occasion.

In doing so I cannot help but reflect upon the everlasting impact which the resurrection has had in shaping the course of world civilisation.

Just as to this day the resurrection remains the most universally celebrated manifestation of the liberation of mankind from being under the enigma of sin, so too we are to be reminded that the liberation did not come without paying a monumental price: Christ taking upon his human body the abject lawlessness of all of mankind. For indeed, sin is lawlessness.

It was this pivotal era in the evolution of man which subliminally served as the forerunner to liberation in so many significant ways: liberation from slavery and indentureship; liberation from the atrocities of colonialism and imperialism; liberation of the working class from oppression and exploitation; liberation of our people to praise and worship according to their faith.

This single act of unconditional obedience to God the Father, culminating in the glorious resurrection, has given a new lease of eternal life to all of civilisation. It is what we celebrate throughout the ages on Easter Sunday.

It is that evidence of absolute faith in God and in the power that He has invested in us that we must forever call to mind as we share this space on earth with one other in Peace, Harmony and above all, in Love: adhering to the tenets of obedience to the Law, obedience to the values of principles, policies and philosophies which make for an orderly and enriched quality of life.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His Only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life”. John 3:16

My desire is that we take this biblical verse to heart and that, as a people, we show love to one another, we commit to making the necessary sacrifices that our nation demands of us, that we do not surrender or succumb to each other’s inadequacies, shortcomings or imperfections but, instead, lift each other up as we glory together in the wealth of God’s Grace and the abundance of opportunities with which our nation is so bountifully blessed.

May Almighty God bless us all during this Easter Season and the years ahead.