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Categories & Benefits

Friendly Society Categories

  • Fraternal Organisations: A Fraternal Organisation is a group of individuals who utilizes secrecy and ritualistic practice(s) to enable associations with persons of common goals and interests exclusively. Another function of this organization is to provide security through benevolent and protective activities, which are designed to provide aid to members in distress.
  • Working Man’s Club: This Society is used for sporting activities, propagation of culture and social intercourse. Its origin can be traced to ancient Egypt. One of such club is the popular Himalaya Club located in Barataria
  • Retirement Benefit: As the name implies, members make contributions and a fixed amount is due upon retirement. Many variations to this Benefit are possible.
  • Juvenile Section: Several Societies operate Juvenile Sections to cater for children less than sixteen years of age. These Societies provide continuity for the future of the Movement.
  • Youth Friendly Society in Primary Schools: This is aimed at encouraging a culture of saving, self-reliance and thrift amongst the youth and promoting the other benefits of Friendly Societies to the next generation.

Friendly Society Benefits

Friendly Society aims to improve the economic well-being of its members by:

  • Providing for the relief and maintenance of the members and their dependants during sickness or other infirmity.
  • Providing in old age or widowhood or for the relief or maintenance of orphaned children or members during minority, during distress circumstance or in the case of loss or damage to their property.
  • Ensuring money (to be paid) on: the birth of a member’s child; on the marriage of a member; on the death of a member; for the funeral expense of dependants’ relatives of the member.
  • Providing insurance against fire on the property of a member.
  • Providing credit and investment opportunities for its members.
  • Planning and implementing social, cultural and recreational activities and leisure programmes for the benefit of members and their respective families.
  • Empower communities with moral values.
  • Assisting in the purchasing, acquisition of interest and in the ownership of freehold or leasehold lands.
  • Provides Education and Training to its membership.
  • Assists students under their scholarships programmes.
  • Assist the membership with acquiring loans and gives bonuses at the end of financial year.

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