Government of Trinidad and

Labour Minister's Response to Express Letter to the Editor

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Friday 07 December 2018

Dear Ms. Lyder,

Reference is made to a letter to the Editor article published by your newspaper on Thursday December 6, 2018; the title of which is the subject of this letter, and signed by someone named Princess Charles of Brazil.

Within the article, the alleged OJT Applicant stated that no contact has been made by the On the Job Training Programme (OJTP) to date as to the status of her application which was done in early October

The OJTP is committed to developing the youth of the nation with the provision of opportunities for training through the acquisition of work based knowledge and industry-specific experience.  This Programme aims to forge strategic alliances with Private and Public Sector employers, creating job opportunities for young nationals. It serves as a pre-employment programme that offers participants between the ages of 16-35 an induction into the world of work and focuses on their acquisition of practical occupational skills and experience within public and private sector organisations. The Programme facilitates the placement of trainees for a maximum of 24 months at stipend levels according to their qualifications.

The Application Process includes registration, an interview and then subsequent placement once successful.  Placement involves a careful process of ensuring that trainees are matched with a suitable Provider in the field that is the best fit with the applicant’s qualifications.  The number of vacancies vary based on the applicants' field of study and aligned sector as inevitably, there are certain sectors that require more workers than others. 

In light of this process, applicants are never called for interviews based on leaving their names at any of our locations to then be called for interviews.

To date the OJTP records for all regions (East, West, South, Central and also Tobago) do not indicate an applicant with the name Princess Charles as having been registered in our database and as such could not have been called for an interview.

The Ministry would have conducted Trainee Development Programmes to just under 1200 trainees in three-day Seminars over the last three months which are key components in ensuring that Trainees successfully launch into the world of work.  Scheduled Interviews for new applicants are currently ongoing in all regions.

Should Ms. Princess Charles be a real applicant, we do encourage her to contact the Ministry at 625-8478 ext 1211 to find out any details about any application that she may have submitted.

Yours in Service

Jennifer Baptiste Primus
Minister of Labour and Small Enterprise Development